Sunday, January 16, 2011

A little this, a little that

Things have been busy here lately. Yet suprisingly still relaxing. I think we have all found time to take a few minutes to ourselves each day and that has made things so much nicer.

I don't normally decorate for Valentine's Day but found myself making this easy little garland the other night. I was practicing pom poms with white yarn and then needed to find something to do with them, so this was created. First I found some scraps of red felt and just free-handed a few different sized hearts. Then I just took a double strand of white yarn in a tapestry needle and stitched everything on to a long strand. I added pom poms here and there and I think it looks cute. I added one above my living room window and one above the door leading from the living room to the kitchen.

Next up, pillows for the living room and lots and lots of things for the kitchen! I have been washing and ironing so many fun fabrics. Stay tuned.



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